Roosevelt Rising Stars Youth Programs

Rising Stars Youth Programs

Roosevelt Rising Stars Youth Services Inc. proudly provides educational youth programs to school-age children in Roosevelt, New York. For more than 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to setting your blooming youth on the path to success. From summer camp and after school activities to our GED program, we offer you and your child a variety of beneficial services.


Safe Environment

When your kids are in our hands, you know they're safe. The staff at our youth services organization has more than a decade of experience and is CPR and AED certified.

Summer Camp

Enroll your child in our summer camp to boost their development between school years. The enriching courses we offer encourage education and personal growth, and our counselors work hard to create a memorable summer for your child.

Other Services

In addition to offering a fun place for your child to spend their summer, we provide other beneficial services. To make your day easier as a parent, we provide various before and after school programs and ensure your child is safe and secure. Our GED program is the perfect place to start on the path to successful adulthood.


Our Goal

The Roosevelt Rising Stars Youth Services Inc. is designed to provide programs in low income communities that encourage academic enrichment, cultural enlightenment, social development and college/career exploration activities for youth ages 5-13 years. We are also reaching out to the teenage population ages 13-17 by providing SAT Prep courses and anti-gang/bullying groups in the community. Lastly, for the students that may have just fell short of graduation, looking to complete the GED successfully and complete the job readiness training program ages 17-21 years. In either program, the intent of the program is to prevent juvenile delinquency and aid in the development of well-rounded students. Our efforts will eventually lead to the participant becoming eager to learn and grow into responsible and productive young adult and a positive contributor to their community.


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