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Roosevelt Rising Stars Youth Services Inc.


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“We challenge youth and seniors to reach their potential”


The Roosevelt Rising Stars program is located at 55 Mansfield Avenue (Lower Level) in Roosevelt, New York. For many years our Before and After School Program and our Summer Camp has operated to service the communities of Roosevelt, Uniondale, Hempstead, Freeport and Baldwin.

In 2006, Mr. Todd Parrish equipped with a Master’s degree in Education and Secondary Education State Certification for Social Studies along with 25 years of experience in education and coaching became the Director of the PAL program. In search of the appropriate person to join in the administrative team he researched to find an experienced Day Care provider and child advocate.  He found Tamiko Rice to join as the Assistant Director. The two managed the highly trained and experienced staff under the PAL, until the program closed as per funding challenges in 2013. This closure gave the two young leaders an opportunity to design their own organization called Roosevelt Rising Stars Youth Services Inc. and continue to service the youngsters with qualified and supportive programs to encourage student success.

In 2013, the Roosevelt Rising Stars Youth Services Inc. became

  • NYS Licensed in Child care services
  • Recognized by the US Department of Education
  • Contracted by Nassau County Department of Social Services
  • NYS Licensed by Department of Health

We have given years of quality service to the youth with academic enrichment, social development, cultural enlightenment and athletic exploration to foster growth and establish confident, well-prepared and eager to learn youngsters from K- 8th grade. We are beginning new programs in the Senior (Adult) Day experiences and also Pre-School services. Our vision is to also work with GED candidates in preparation for the exam and also provide them with opportunities of college and careers after successfully completing the exam.

Great things are happening for youth and seniors all over the world and we want to be a part of it. The Roosevelt Rising Stars program will be ready to service your area in the near future as well.


Executive Director


Todd Parrish, MS.ED

NYS Certified Teacher